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Elevate Your Business with Our All-in-One Marketing, Sales, and CRM Powerhouse

Dippidi's is an All-in-One Marketing, Sales, and CRM Solution that helps service-based businesses increase their online presence, streamline their sales/marketing processes, and improve customer retention by providing a integrated technologies to capture, nurture, and close more customers.

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Serendipity to Success: The Dippidi Story

Founded in 2019 by Corey Bouillez and Austin St. Jean, Dippidi emerged with a vision to transform service-based businesses. We have extensive experience working with a diverse range of industries, including event venues, restaurants, real estate companies, title companies, mortgage brokers, roofing companies, construction/contractors, doctors' offices, lake management companies, law firms, e-commerce businesses, and many more.

We have successfully created thousands of ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, managing over $4 million in ad spend. Recognizing the need for an integrated approach to marketing, sales, and CRM, Dippidi developed a unified platform designed to enhance online presence, streamline operations, and boost customer retention. With a focus on efficiency and a commitment to innovation, Dippidi stands as a powerful ally for businesses looking to thrive in the digital age.

our Vison

We aim to set new standards in digital marketing excellence, empowering our clients to lead in their industries with cutting-edge solutions that drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and create lasting impacts in the digital age.

our mission

At Dippidi, our mission is to empower service-based businesses by enhancing their online presence, optimizing their sales and marketing strategies, and improving customer retention.

our Values

At Dippidi, we are committed to delivering value through integrity, innovation, and excellence. Our core values guide us in providing service-based businesses with unparalleled digital marketing solutions.

Our Core Values

Our values are the compass that directs every action, decision, and innovation at Dippidi.

Change & Adaptability Is Who We Are

We prioritize Change & Adaptability as fundamental traits that define who we are.

Earned, not Entitled.

We work hard and demonstrate our value to our customers, partners, and community.

Character Matters

Character Matters to us, and we uphold high ethical standards, transparency, and accountability in all our interactions.

Be Consistently Good To Be Great

Be Consistently Good To Be Great, understanding that excellence is not a one-time effort, but a continuous pursuit.

Live Off The Land

We recognize the importance of Living Off The Land, making the most of our resources, and optimizing our operations to achieve sustainable growth.

Team Mindset = Championship Framework

We embrace a Team Mindset acknowledging that collaboration and teamwork are essential for achieving our goals.

Don't Take It Personally

We adhere to the principle of Don't Take It Personally, recognizing that feedback and constructive criticism are critical to our growth and development.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty To Be Worth It

We believe that It Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty To Be Worth It, understanding that success requires hard work, determination, and perseverance.


1) Personal Agenda
2) The Non-Disciplined
3) Taking On More Than You Can Handle

Our core principles have brought us to where we are today and will serve as the springboard to elevate us even further.

Can’t Find Your Industry Listed? No Problem!

We cater to all types of industries both service-based and e-commerce. Contact us to discover how our marketing solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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