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BeMAJOR Team At EXp Realty

How Dippidi & Nicole have been able to generate over $2M in Real Estate sales in only 2 months.

Their Story

Embracing their difference in their local real estate market, and doing something different to make it happen.

Nicole Majors knew that in order to make a splash in the Florida panhandle she was going to have to go against the grain and do something different than all of her team’s competition. Her dedication to serving her client’s is evident as you watch the interview of our case study.

Their Goal

Be in the arena when it comes to motivated buyers and sellers in both Franklin and Gulf county.

BeMAJOR Team knew that if they had the opportunity to get on the phone with potential buyers and sellers that they would be able to capitalize on their local market knowledge to best serve the prospect and turn them into a happy client.

Our Solution

Utilizing Dippidi’s Google Media Buyers to set up and manage a Google search campaign.

After meeting with our Sales Executive, Nicole was able to determine the best route for her goals and budget was to start with our Google PPC Management services. Our team was able to help her by accomplishing the following:

  • Providing their team with a dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Setting up BeMAJOR Team’s Google Ad Account
  • Providing extensive keyword research to determine the best match-types for bidding
  • Focusing on (3) cities or subareas for keyword targeting such as zip codes and neighborhoods
  • Performing frequent search term audits to ensure healthy and subjective bidding
  • Integrated the CRM to automate the lead flow process
  • Provided 24/7 access to the KPI’s for reporting


Adding $2.1M+ in real estate sales in under 45 days.

Since working with Dippidi, BeMAJOR Team has been able to develop consistency in opportunities entering their sales pipline. By implementing a consistent lead generation strategy over 45 days Dippidi was able to create the following results:

  • $2.1M+ of real estate transactions
  • 5 hot prospects actively looking to buy
  • (1) Two-sided transaction with buying and selling
  • 96 leads
  • 7.8% click to lead conversion rate
  • $7.06 cost per lead
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